Many entrepreneurs start with a sale of their business in mind. Others will have founded and run their business for many years and have strong emotional ties.

Whatever the circumstances, many owners will seek to sell their business at some point and it will often be the most important financial transaction of their life. Last week, Nando’s hit the headlines with a, latterly, much denied rumour of a London listing. In reality, IPOs are a bit like the US presidential process – long, painful and difficult. They are also more often than not about funding for growth, rather than an exit end-game. So if you are considering selling your business, what are your other options?

Heading for the exit?

The Nando’s story perhaps underlines another theme – that the UK economy is in, perhaps, surprisingly good health. IPO’s, not least for expansive retail chains in a highly competitive arena, are not that common, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

This is reflected in the results of our latest Enterprise Index, which provides a view direct from SMEs and entrepreneurs (well, you) about your outlook for your businesses and the economy. Confidence amongst our respondents in their own business prospects grew in the quarter and for the coming year, but there was one area of concern that united them. Find out more below.

Despite concerns, there is cautious optimism for SMEs in 2017

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I don’t know about anyone else but I’m hungry (if nothing else the rumours may have fuelled Nando’s profile further in the short term!).

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This article was written by Guy Rigby