Disruption is a process in which existing markets are displaced, new players emerge with alternative and innovative solutions to contemporary issues – in short it is a power shift. The fear of disruption is such that even established technology companies are seeking ways to innovate in order to remain competitive. Companies that have not embraced innovation or find way to cannibalise their revenue streams could die and eventually be viewed as the Kodak of their industry.

This global technology group sought to establish commercial partnerships with selected Digital Enablers specialised in big data analytics and IoT. According to this international group, The Future of Technology lies in the Internet of Things or Machine to Machine sector, which it believed would be worth over $10 trillion in the next four to five years.

Ariadne Capital worked with this global technology company to help them shape their IoT’s strategy. We partnered with this company over a 15-month period to conduct robust market scans and identify the best Digital Enablers.

We successfully structured commercial partnerships with three startups specialised in the following sectors; big data analytics for buildings, digital identity and software defined networking. The Digital Enablers’ services and products have now been deployed and are now available to the technology group’s customers.

This global technology group exemplifies Ecosystem Economics for the following reasons:
1. This technology group has partnered with selected Digital Enablers to enhance its value proposition
2. This international group was able to remain competitive and supplement its digital revenues thanks to these partnerships
3. The Digital Enablers were able to grow much more rapidly thanks to this high-profile partnership