According to Julie Meyer, the founder of EntrepreneurCountry Global and investment platform Ariadne Capital, “platforms organise the economics of the ecosystem in which they operate.” This is exactly what software company Perfectial does for its clients, who are generally based in Europe and the United States. The Ukranian-based firm may have been trading since 2008 but its the drive to ‘empower ideas’ – a desire to help businesses achieve their goal, that is still alive today. Ivan Kohut, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and co-founder of Perfectial takes us back to his early beginnings delving deeper into his motivations for launching his business.

Tell us more about Perfectial? What inspired you to start the company?

I always wanted to create a long-lasting, prosperous and innovative software business – a company accelerating business growth by bringing new and innovative ideas to the market. There are many entrepreneurs struggling to transform their ideas into scalable businesses from a technology point of view. We – at Perfectial – aspire to breathe life into businesses. It’s always encouraging to hear that one of our clients has closed another funding round or when I see businesses reshape their industry.

What problem are you trying to solve? What services do you offer?

We act as a catalyst to businesses to translate their ideas into technology solutions. We keep an eye on the market, make adjustments and advise our clients – who generally funded start-ups. We accelerate growth and don’t take our word for it, take a look at our website for more information and to find out about our current and past clients’ success stories.

There is a current emphasis on Big Data? Why? What are the stakes / main challenges to businesses?

Nowadays big data is one of the main technical trends but we all know what the term means, many use it to describe something that isn’t related to data. It is worth pointing out that businesses are into big data. Owners and executives acknowledge the importance of the vast amount of information around us and know how important it is to gather and make sense of it. I want to emphasise the process, because the data itself won’t make much sense unless we extract actionable insights that will help businesses make rational and valuable decisions. Big data is still in its early days so I am not surprised some companies are finding it difficult to build their own data expertise As a technical partner to many start-ups, mid-size and large businesses, it is our job to collect, manage and interpret data in order to turn it into a competitive advantage.

Cyber attacks and data breaches will be the biggest threats to businesses in 2016 according to City A.M.- what do you do to ensure that the data going through the platforms you build are safe?

We comply with the latest security standards, but what’s more important, we keep an eye out for the latest security developments. Our engineers are not only great at problem solving but they also have the technical know-how to deal with any issues that may arise. We make sure our clients’ software solutions are safe and secure. We also have a maintenance and technical support team to mitigate threats.

Can you share your insights about building an entrepreneurial business in Ukraine? Do you have any tips?

Well, it’s not a secret that building an entrepreneurial business is not an easy task. Ukraine is no exception. However, despite the number of business challenges, there is one thing we believe is key and that is talented people. Ukrainian software engineers are famous all over the software businesses world. Thanks to the great pool of talents, Ukrainian business can compete with any other companies in the world, and that’s my advice about starting business in Ukraine – find talented people, who can share your values and you can pursue together your dreams.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs?

Work hard and follow your dream because only passionate ideas live long enough to shape up into something really great. Read books, listen to your peers, your clients, whole world – expand your imagination and don’t be afraid to dream big!