Corporate Advisory

Ariadne Capital’s historical business is corporate finance and strategic advisory. It is known in the market for helping high-growth businesses with their ‘go to market’ strategy and raising guaranteed funding. It has expertise in sell-side M&A, and has sold businesses to EMI, Google, and private equity. It has also helped very large start-ups or well-known start-up founders come to Europe or launch. Through Ariadne’s history, it has accomplished £350m of transactions, and worked with 7 explosive growth firms.


Ariadne Capital will focus on 5 types of transactions in 2016 and beyond:

  • Buy-side M&A – usually a Nasdaq or AIM listed firm which has a strategic repositioning to do
  • Sell-side M&A – this in-house corporate finance team helps the fund to be able to react to acquisition offers quickly as well as understanding what the buyers are looking for which feeds into the EntrepreneurCountry business.
  • UK & EMEA Market Entry – helping unicorn and well-funded start-ups to come to Europe, advising them on talent, partnerships, structure and capital
  • Working with brokers and nomads who lack tech expertise to raise capital for AIM –listed firms. In particular, Amit Pau’s relationships in the City enable Ariadne to do this very well.
  • Strategic Advisory – From Market Positioning to MarketScans, Ariadne is asked to advise on a variety of ways that enterprises can grow.