Digital Identity Management Roundtable – Malta: 4th of April 2017 at the Malta Stock Exchange

EntrepreneurCountry would like to invite you to the launch of the Build a Country Challenge – the first out of Malta to the world – where we are building the blueprint of Digital Identity Management (DIM) for the overall design of society.

What do we mean by Digital Identity Management?

Good actors should be encouraged to build their Personal Economy; bad actors should be stopped. The Trump Travel Ban is a blunt instrument. Bad actors can come from Minnesota as well as Yemen. In the Schengen world of the free flow of people, how can it be that bad actors remain uncaught today. Malta provides us with an example of one that – for the moment – appears to have gotten away. Read coverage here and here. Concerned citizens have built a website to prevent others from being defrauded by this individual – see here – but shouldn’t we have a digital solution so that people’s good actions and bad follow them, and whether in travel, employment, or financial transactions, we can count on the identity of the people with whom we engage?

EntrepreneurCountry has long been a proponent of establishing property rights for individual data and creating a financial asset of individual data. See how to become a citizen of EntrepreneurCountry here.

On the 4th of April 2017 at 3 pm at the Malta Stock Exchange, we were joined by 100 guests to kick off this Challenge with a Roundtable.

The Digital Identity Management Kick off and Roundtable at the Malta Stock Exchange

Video interviews from Digital Identity Management Roundtable – Malta

Some photos from Digital Identity Management Roundtable – Malta

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Our Speakers were:
– Andreas Wil Gerdes
– Dr Abdalla Kablan
– Nathan Kinch
– The Hon. Dr. Christian Cardona
– John Abbott
– Amit Pau
– Steve Tendon

Andreas Wil Gerdes
Dr Abdalla Kablan
Nathan Kinch
John Abbott
Amit Pau
Steve Tendon
The Hon. Dr. Christian Cardona

Ariadne Capital is seeking the best Digital Enablers (young, fast-growing, enabling technology private companies) to invest in and to work with in our Ecosystems as a key layer in the design of the future. If you are the best, then send us details of your company to The Ariadne Capital investment team and Senior Advisors will be gathering a review committee in May 2017 to determine the next Ariadne Capital investment in DIM. To see other Ariadne Capital portfolio companies, see here.

7th Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit Malta on the 10th of July at the Westin Dragonara, Malta, we will invite the best DIM companies to speak from across Europe.

EntrepreneurCountry TV will fully engage with the best content from the community on Digital Identity Management. If you know of someone with something important to say about DIM, please send us their writings, their video or their contact information to



EC Malta will aggregate and shape solutions for Digital Identity Management that it will recommend to government and the EC Citizenship for adoption. Central to its recommendations will be entrepreneur led new models, introduction of technology enablers, shared economy approaches with self-policing loops, and test-piloting of new proposed solutions.