Enabling individuals to make Energy related decisions in a way that will change industries.


Sometimes the largest of industries seem like they’re business-to-business industries, it doesn’t feel like there could be a consumer or user adoption angle which could change it.


Energy oil and power as an ecosystem is one which is proving to have a decidedly consumer adoption twist to it.

In the same way that Finance is an industry, but also a layer and individuals being enabled buy financial services being delivered to them – Energy too is becoming a layer, powering applications, enabling individuals to make decisions about energy consumption, usage and efficiency – in a way that will change industries.

This is what we mean by all B2B businesses are becoming B2C – we will see in our Energy, Oil and Power Ecosystem the changing of large sclerotic industries into powerhouses that are enabling and unlocking individuals to grow their personal capacities and the value propositions of the businesses they choose to support.

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15 June, 2016

Harvard Business Review – Ecosystem Economics Talk

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