The social contract has shattered, become the architect of your life

Personal Development

Design your life. We believe that entrepreneurs should be the architects of their life – the social contract has shattered and a fundamental reason for this is that the ways that people are educated, that they are socialised to understand their role in society have fundamentally changed by the technologies and the business models.


There’s an opportunity and a risk of it not happening, of individuals not understanding that they need to be accountable, that they are the architects of their life, that there are tools out there for them to pull off of the web or for them to be empowered with, that give them the capability to play to their strengths, to unlock their unique contribution.

In our education ecosystem we bring the best of professional development firms HR resources and lifestyle tools to enable people to educate themselves for David, Goliath and the citizen to dance.


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15 June, 2016

Harvard Business Review – Ecosystem Economics Talk

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