Become a Citizen

EntrepreneurCountry has created a new country whose citizens will have the power of the clean sheet of paper that every entrepreneur enjoys to create a future of sustainable economics.

In a global first, EntrepreneurCountry has established property rights for an individual and his/her data inside of the community for those who become citizens.

What does this mean?

As your data drives the creation of applications and services, in EntrepreneurCountry, you share in the economic and financial upside of this value creation. This proposition will go online late 2016, but today, you can indicate your desire to become a citizen of EntrepreneurCountry in order to receive further and future information about our plans for citizenship and the build of the country, EntrepreneurCountry.

What happens as a result of indicating that you would like to be a citizen?

You will receive information over time according to your preferences about how you can test pilot new applications and provide insights into new products and services. You can always reduce your involvement as well but we don’t think you’ll want to.

Today EntrepreneurCountry is a community of 225,000 individuals. We are growing at 14% a month.

We look forward to working with you.

Julie Meyer and the founders of EntrepreneurCountry


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You’ll receive our newsletter, insights and watch our weekly briefing, ECTV. You can attend our events as well. You can write up a case study on how Ecosystem Economics™ is predicting the digital winners.

If you would like us to meet you to discuss how EntrepreneurCountry can deliver our value proposition to you, email us on or me directly on

Become a Citizen







By choosing to become a citizen you not only get all of the benefits a tourist or resident gets, but you’ll also get a lot more, if you are committed to building the future, building in sustainable economics, believe that individuals should be strong actors in society, and would like to become a citizen of EntrepreneurCountry, read on.

In founding EntrepreneurCountry, we made a decision to build not only a blueprint for the future of business and society, but to issue a global call to action to co-create the future. Citizenship in EntrepreneurCountry means something important.

 Citizen Tourist/Resident