About Ariadne - Overview

Ariadne Capital is an investment firm, founded in London, UK in 2000, which builds Ecosystem Economics™ firms.

More than 2300 years ago, Aristotle said that a first principle is the "first basis from which a thing is known" and that pursuing first principles is the key to doing any sort of systemic inquiry. Ariadne Capital was founded on the premise of analysing the first principles of entrepreneurship, the financing of entrepreneurship, digital transformation of large enterprise and innovation in Europe. The founderes have not taken on board the ‘received wisdom’ or the ‘status quo’ as it has not led to the results whereby the large institutional or even family offices are prioritising the backing of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. At the beginning of Ariadne, the founders took out a clean sheet of paper. At every step change in their history, they have gone back to first principles to ask themselves what the evidence of the market demonstrated to them, and whether they were the right team and the right platform to deliver the best proposition to the market. They have built a culture of questioning and the building and searching for proof points for both their hypotheses and their claims.

The combination of Ariadne Capital (Investment Platform and Corporate Finance & Strategic Advisory Unit) and EntrepreneurCountry Global (Operating Platform and Data Marketspace) has created a new investment opportunity set – not merely an asset management firm, but one with a means of operationalizing the investment thesis of each investment made. In addition, this combination brings together in one firm the solution to the challenges of Creative Destruction in Europe.

Since 2000, Ariadne Capital set out to create the gold standard for the financing of entrepreneurship in Europe by embedding 62 leading entrepreneurs at the foundation of the investment firm. Ariadne has deliberately worked to prove the thesis behind its platform through two economic cycles that creating global leaders out of Europe requires a platform fit for European requirements (rather than imitating Silicon Valley). Ariadne’s business today has the design and is the foundation for a much larger investment platform which can scale accordingly and become the leader in European innovation and venture capital.