Follow The Entrepreneur - 24th May 2013

Ariadne Capital & RBC Wealth Management

Dear Friends,

For us at Ariadne Capital, we believe that Europe and the UK is being redefined by its entrepreneurs, and that society runs best when the entrepreneur is at the core of- not just the economy - but also of society.

At the Second Annual “Follow The Entrepreneur” Investor Summit, we welcomed 200 leading entrepreneurs and investors to hear 6 outstanding keynote speakers who have a vision of the future of their ecosystem or domain.

Ariadne’s founding shareholders and the ACE Fund Limited Partners will be in attendance as will many well-known business people.

Welcome to Entrepreneur Country CoverI believe that Capital Follows Ideas – and those who communicate and execute those Ideas; it always has and always will. Money is like a heat-seeking missile looking for the Ideas which will shape the era. So our speakers will give you an insight into what the future looks like, where to invest your capital, and how you or your firm can have the biggest impact in the world of tomorrow.

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Julie Meyer, MBE,
CEO, Ariadne Capital