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  • Through Money Dashboard and miiCard, One Place Capital Ltd (TOPco) addresses the market barriers to moving financial product distribution away from traditionally slow offline, face to face (F2F) model direct onto the internet - legacy authentication, suitability and security. TOPco is starting to unlock the most exciting disruption to affect the financial services industry since internet banking
  • Solves three critical market pains in providing financial services online:
    • consumers can't self serve
    • financial industry can't sell
    • trust between consumers and vendors
  • MoneyDashboard: Enables single aggregated view of individual's total net wealth (e.g. bank accounts, mortgages, savings, investments)
  • MoneyDashboard Financial Services: Provide suitability assessed and specifically identified financial products to consumers from third parties
  • miiCard: Enable the completion of online purchasing of financial services by complete digital person authentication for anti-money laundering and customer checks


Life Services - Consumer Financial Services, E-Health, E-Commerce and Digital Home

Founder and CEO – Gavin Littlejohn

USP: Solves the three key problems in delivering online consumer financial services, empowering the consumer