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Ariadne Fund

The Ariadne Fund is a target £20m venture capital fund with £5.5 under management.

The fund is an early-stage investor in entrepreneur-led businesses, providing capital for seed and start-up (Series A) rounds; £0.25m - £1m

The Ariadne Fund invests in "digital enablers" bringing high-growth to the established companies with large distribution and reach in the new digital ecosystems which are emerging

Current Ariadne Fund portfolio:


Quill - Ed Bussey

Quill provides brands with digital content on any topic, in any language, leveraging hundreds of Quill copy writers, editors, video producers and photographers. Quill’s ‘content as a service’ / ‘content in the cloud’ enables brands to receive content at speed, 4-5 hours from request, which is unique content - driving SEO further. Quill have built a content management system which enables them to manage the workflow; creation of a robust brief, reviewing, creation of digital content and pushing content direct to brand site using APIs. Quill provides content strategy and planning, editorial content, social posts, video, curated news, content microsites, guest posting, content syndication.


The Ariadne Fund was the lead investor for Quill in 2013
The fund invested £500k.
Ariadne sit on the board of Quill

Taggstar - Fraser Robinson

Taggstar enables photos, on online publishing websites, including large sites like MSN or small blogs, to be monetised by enabling a call to action from the image and the objects within the image. That media call to action can be video, audio, ecommerce based. Taggstar uses GeoLocation to identify the end-user location in order to display listed shopping suggestions that are relevant


The Ariadne Fund was the lead investor for Taggstar in 2013
The fund invested £305k, including LP co-investment.
Ariadne sit on the board of Taggstar

Clickslide - Gabriel Ortiz

Clickslide is an operating platform for software development that creates a Graphic User Interface (GUI) instantly for any API and does so without writing code. It also offers a point-and-click Editor for Apps generated by the platform and is optimised for all display devices and web browsers. Clickslide is set to become the most accessible way to create software


The Ariadne Fund was the lead investor for Clickslide in 2012
The fund invested £150k, including LP co-investment.


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Entrepreneur Country CrowdCube

Ariadne Capital’s media platform, Entrepreneur Country, partners with the UK leading crowd funding platform, CrowdCube, to raise seed funding for entrepreneurial businesses.

Investment secured to date:

WallJAM - Tim Worboys

WallJAM is a shaped, interactive rebound wall and sports activity zone, designed to get people of all age groups and ability levels active, in a fun and intuitive way. WallJAM aims to significantly drive sports participation levels across the UK through repackaging the way sport is delivered at grass root level. The shape, material and graphics encourage repetition, with scope to deliver a ‘predictably unpredictable’ ball return.

The Entrepreneur Country CrowdCube platform raised £113k for WallJAM in April 2014.

Seek & Adore - Hatty Fawcett

SeekandAdore.com brings together the work of designer makers with people looking to discover and buy unique and beautiful things. Their website makes it easy and more personal for consumers to buy original pieces – from homewares, jewellery and fashion accessories to fresh and affordable handmade gift ideas.

The Entrepreneur Country CrowdCube platform raised £69,400 for Seek & Adore in August 2013.

Fantoo - Jordan Fantaay

The future of email. Fantoo is an innovative, design conscious company using an amazing technology to disrupt existing messaging platforms and networks. Fantoo provides a new intelligent layer for internet messaging and browsing.

The Entrepreneur Country CrowdCube platform raised £450k for Fantoo in November 2013.

Playrcart - Glen Dormieux

The Playrcart App lets you browse and watch video content, then buy the related products, without leaving the Player and is usable on any device. Typically users that wish to purchase viewed content are being redirected to a third party site to fulfil the transaction. Playrcart gives users the ability to view content then conveniently buy merchandise or tickets from within the app, all in one window.

The Entrepreneur Country CrowdCube platform raised £150k for Playrcart in November 2013.

For further information please contact adam.baldwin@ariadnecapital.com

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Ariadne Fund Zero

Prior to raising the Ariadne Capital Fund, Ariadne Capital advised and raised capital for high-growth start-ups, for more than 10 years.

During this time Ariadne secured a equity stakes in a number of companies; this portfolio is referred to as Ariadne Fund Zero.

Current Ariadne Fund Zero portfolio:

EGS - Peter Whent

EGS provides cloud-based solutions to automate and accelerate expensive and time consuming back office processes including corporate procurement, invoice processing, e-sourcing and accounts receivable


Ariadne secured investment for EGS from a private investor in 2010

Medikidz - Dr Kim Chilman-Blair

Medikidz mission is to improve the quality of life of young patients through education, by becoming a trusted global brand for children’s health. Medikidz are building a multimedia health education system for children


Ariadne provides strategic and business development support to Medikidz
Ariadne’s CEO, Julie Meyer, joined the board in 2012

Money Dashboard - Gavin Littlejohn

Free UK online money management software for retail customers. Helps customers make decisions, prepare budgets and aggregates multiple accounts across banks


Ariadne secured investment for Money Dashboard from a private investor in 2010

Monitise - Alastair Lukies

Monitise provide the technology and expertise to enable financial institutions and other service providers to offer mobile banking and payments services to their customers in both developed and developing territories


Ariadne advised Monitise on business development from 2004 to 2012
Ariadne also supported Monitise on capital raising during this period, from its private investor network

Oxygen Finance - Mark Hoffman

Oxygen Finance is an enabler for corporate and public sector organisations, unlocking income from their spend and transforming procurement and accounts payable functions into revenue generators. Oxygen Finance’s solution offers a service to manage the business to business payments network on an industrial scale, underpinned by non-intrusive technology


Ariadne secured investment for Oxygen Finance in 2013

SoundOut - David Courtier-Dutton

SoundOut is a web based music technology and data company using crowdsourcing and the wisdom of crowds to predict the market potential and demographic resonance of new music. Its main products are reports to radio stations allowing them to tailor programming to their sponsor’s targets


Ariadne secured investment for SoundOut in 2009, 2010 and 2011 from private investors
Ariadne secured a Non-Executive Director for SoundOut in 2009

Object Matrix - Jonathan Morgan

Object Matrix has developed an object-based scalable and easy to manage storage solution trusted by broadcasters and film studios across Europe to protect their valued digital media assets. Object Matrix customers include the BBC, British Telecom, Deutsche Bank, EDF, France Television, Sony Pictures and Universal Pictures. The company is now developing in Europe and developing new segments including CCTV and compliance.


Ariadne secured investment for Object Matrix in 2013
Object Matrix: BT Case Study

Seamless - Peter Fredell

Seamless is one of the world's leading providers of mobile phone payment systems and handles more than 3.1 billion transactions each year via 525,000 active sales outlets. Combined with more than eleven years' experience and a presence in about 30 countries, this gives Seamless a strong position in the mobile phone payment market.

Ariadne assisted Seamless on its capital raise in 2013

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  • Multi-award winning service that is creating the world's most effective local advertising network
    • enables businesses to connect locally with customers
    • built around the world's only local voucher search application
  • Addresses a market need in local advertising by providing performance-based, transaction-oriented consumer advertising
  • Enables ROI-based advertising which delivers local businesses a means to increase footfall and yield management while giving consumers an easy way to save money and shop local
  • Continues to expand its broad distribution network for its vouchers
    • Partnership deals in place with Google Local, Ask Jeeves, Northern & Shell, The Independent, The Telegraph and others
    • Strategic partnership with largest provider of paper voucher services for mobile enablement
  • Enables mobile-format web micro-sites for global brands with focus on local store contact, offer and location data
  • Web-based platform, white label solution, iPhone app
Founder and CEO – Brad Liebmann
USP: Seamless integration of localised web content for on-the-go mobile interaction