AdKaora is an Italian company specialised in mobile marketing. It was co-founded by Davide Tran and Luca Nigro in 2013. The company was sold to Banzai in October 2015.


autograph - Henry Lawson (Founder)

autoGraph is a cloud based, geo-location marketing analytics platform which anonymously generates persona-based profiles on users via a free, engaging and easy-to-use application. Leveraging on a proprietary Big Data engine, autoGraph generates targeted offers that are fully based on preferences and geo-location information. autoGraph consumer-driven approach solves the rising public concern over data ownership & privacy and the platform is strategically positioned to embrace legislative changes in data protection. The company has achieved good traction to date with some large corporates using the platform for highly targeted marketing campaigns, including Westfield, Vodafone and Telefonica.



Beat that Quote was the UK’s fastest growing comparison site, which fought for lower prices and better rates for consumers to receive cheaper quotes. Founded in 2005, operated by searching the UK to find, compare and introduce customers to the cheapest financial services and products. received around 2.5 million unique visitors per month in June 2008 and was acquired by Google in March 2011 for £37.7 millionin, 122 x EBITDA is a digital platform that specialises in streaming electronic music festivals, clubs and event, live and on-demand. It is the leading video distributor in the industry with an end-to-end proprietary system incorporating track, ticket and merchandise sales.


Bloomy Days - Franziska von Hardenberg

Bloomy Days is a subscription-based fresh cut flower delivery service with headquarters in Germany. Bloomy Days currently delivers approximately 900 packages of fresh flower bouquets every week to businesses and private individuals. Customers can select the frequency of the delivery (e.g. weekly, bi-monthly, monthly), where Bloomy Days guarantees that flowers are no more than 7 days old. The company hand crops and prepares ready to use bouquets of flowers which are carefully selected from the market. Bloomy Days subscription model allows the company to avoid any inventory costs, ensuring strong cash flow and low capital requirements.


Hatched - Adam Day is a (hybrid) estate agency which is disrupting the traditional estate agency market by using innovative technology and the web to market properties all around England & Wales. Hatched has full coverage on Rightmove and Zoopla for transparent low fees.


Ariadne assisted the company on its sale to Connells Group in 2015

Lean Forward

The latest venture of Ashley Faull, co-founder of Sit-up TV, Lean Forward will bring an exciting new concept in video-led gaming to a broader market.

Made TV - Jamie Conway

Made TV is the largest holder of local TV licenses in the UK, covering more than 11 million people across 5 stations: Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Teesside and Tyne & Wear. Made TV aims to become the premier source of all local information, entertainment and events across the whole of the UK connecting businesses and consumers in a way that is lacking in the UK market. Made TV will be carried with prominent EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) positions on all major platforms including Channel 8 on Freeview and Channel 117 on Sky.

In Summer 2014, Made TV secured £3.5m in funding.


Matternet is creating an automated transportation system, through a network of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) coordinated with a proprietary software platform/cloud routing system. The current target vertical is the pharmaceutical market to deliver in areas that are inaccessible due to conflict, inaccessible infrastructure. It can therefore be used to deliver high value, time sensitive medical supplies (and other essential materials) to the developing world, or over traffic-jammed streets. Going forward, the system will be particularly useful for the last mile of logistics for businesses, which is the most expensive and least efficient aspect of delivery, and other shipping applications.

Money Dashboard - Gavin Littlejohn

Money Dashboard is a free online personal financial management service. It provides users with the ability to view all of their online financial accounts in one place and is powered by Yodlee, an account aggregation service used by many of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions.

Money Dashboard is starting to monetise its data with a service for Asset Fund managers: based on individual payment transaction anonymously aggregated, Money Dashboard can predict an inflexion in quoted company revenues months before public earnings report.


Ariadne secured investment for Money Dashboard from a private investor in 2010.

Monitise - Alastair Lukies

Monitise provide the technology and expertise to enable financial institutions and other service providers to offer mobile banking and payments services to their customers in both developed and developing territories.


Ariadne advised Monitise on business development from 2004 to 2012
Ariadne also supported Monitise on capital raising during this period, from its private investor network

Norwood - Paul Ostergaard (Founder)

Norwood Systems was founded in 2011 to develop and supply the best possible global mobility and roaming solutions for mid-size to large organisations. The company’s current cloud services offering, CORONA (Corporate Roaming Network Access), delivers the world’s most advanced international roaming solution leveraging non-cellular networks. CORONA integrates mobile devices securely and seamlessly with the organisation’s existing voice assets – the PBXs and voice WAN links that make up its private voice cloud – no matter where they are. Norwood Systems is working with a number of global partners, committed to participating in Norwood Systems’ rollout of the CORONA service platform.

Orson & Co

Orson & Co has developed a stunning touchscreen media format called eLume, already on the App store (“the best digital book interface I’ve ever seen” – according to PC World’s tablet editor). The eLume unlocks the power of touchscreen devices by creating mass bespoke reading experiences that speak, teach, share and delight. eLume is a beautifully crafted interface that re-designs story-telling and engages users through interactive media & social connectivity. Orson’s production and distribution model outcompetes enhanced eBooks in functionality, richness, cost and data analytics. The eLume platform is a new app-based “bookshelf” that will curate and distribute titles. Orson’s first deals pave the road to new revenue streams for publishers, allowing them to monetise backlist content. Software licensing will enable them to create deluxe digital editions and help brands/events/institutions to better reach their mobile market. The company has already papered agreements with major publishers including Penguin Random House, Hachette and Faber.

Founder: Richard Mason

Playrcart - Glen Dormieux

UK based Playrcart’s app allows users to browse and watch video content (e.g. film trailers) and then buy related products (e.g. cinema tickets) in the player in real time with no 3rd party site redirection. The app acts as an enabler, creating a new ecosystem to market, promote and retail products using web based video. Currently the company is targeting the film vertical with plans to move into gaming, fashion, and live events. The company has managed to secure premium content from numerous film studios. One of the app’s key beneficial features is that it avoids wastage in e-commerce through 3rd party site redirection. Playrcart distributes content through hugely scalable platforms of publisher partners. Playrcart has secured exclusive commercial terms in UK with Picturehouse (part of Cineworld) for ticketing & Cine Hoyts (part of Cinepolis) in LatAm, as publisher partners. It has also agreed terms with major UK publisher.


Quill - Ed Bussey

Quill provides brands with high quality digital on any topic, in any language, leveraging hundreds of Quill copy writers, editors, video producers and photographers. Quill’s ‘content as a service’ / ‘content in the cloud’ enables brands to receive content at speed, 4-5 hours from request, which is unique content - driving SEO further. Quill have built a content management system which enables them to manage the workflow; creation of a robust brief, reviewing, creation of digital content and pushing content direct to brand site using APIs. Quill provides content strategy and planning, editorial content, social posts, video, curated news, content microsites, guest posting, content syndication. It is a content partner for a range of world-class brands and agencies including Shop Direct, STA Travel, LA Fitness, Arsenal, Reckitt Benckiser,, WPP, Aegis and Publicis.

Secure Any Mobile

Secure Any Mobile is a top-tier application based encryption system which acts as a Software/Hardware token combination. The system is compatible across any device be it smartphone, tablet or desktop. It is easy to use, install and is extremely cost effective. The company provides corporates (B2B) and, at a later stage, consumers (through bB2B2C) with a secure alternative for most authentication, document storage and communication apps, such as: VoIP, WhatsApp, iMessaging, the smartphone’s texting and email applications and Dropbox. The company is having very good commercial traction with leading corporates. They are preparing a transformational global roll out for DHL (owned by Deutsche Post), who were introduced by the company’s value-added reseller partner, HP.


Shopitize - Carl Engelmarc (Founder)

Shopitize is a unique mobile marketing platform that enables brands and retailers to grow sales and drive loyalty by giving tailored offers and promotions to shoppers. It provides brands with alternative couponing and promotional methods at a fraction of the standard cost. The company’s algorithms are capable of processing 95% of physical receipts within 60 seconds. Actionable shopper data immediately provides useful shopper insights to brands, retailers and publishers. The technology has open architecture, is fully automated and based on a robust mobile marketing automation platform, analytics and customer service portal. The company has run 40+ client campaigns for Tier-1 clients including PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Johnston Press and TopCashBack. The company has a multi-million dollar SaaS pipeline to further scale in the UK and Australia and launch in the US, with the first projects expected to go live in Q1 2016.

SoundOut - David Courtier-Dutton

SoundOut is a web based music technology and data company using crowdsourcing and the wisdom of crowds to predict the market potential and demographic resonance of new music. Its main products are reports to radio stations allowing them to tailor programming to their sponsor’s targets. SoundOut has successfully replicated its model in the Fashion industry also using crowdsourcing and big data analytics to provide retailers with rapid insight into the appeal, demand and pricing of new ranges prior to bulk orders being placed. First customers included New Look and Dorothy Perkins (Arcadia).


Ariadne secured investment for SoundOut in 2009, 2010 and 2011 from private investors.

Ariadne secured a Non-Executive Director for SoundOut in 2009.

Switchless - Marcus Swanepoel

Switchless develops enterprise Bitcoin software for leading global banks, private wealth managers and brokerage firms, making it easy for them to bring Bitcoin to their customers. The team is highly experienced in the design and implementation of financial software and crypto-currency platforms.

Teads - Pierre Chappaz

Teads is a global technology group which specializes in creating innovative video advertising inventory at scale and automates transactions between buyers and sellers. With presence in North America, Latam, Europe and Asia, the company distributes video advertising for the world’s leading brands, including: Heineken, Acer, LG, Samsung, Evian, Adidas, The Economist, FT, Forbes, Le Mond. Teads is the industry’s most advanced video SSP (Supply Side Platform), allowing premium publishers to create extensive video advertising inventory, monetize their sites using instream and outstream advertising and optimize revenues and placement fill-rates.


The Longest Stay - Sherry Roberts

The Longest Stay is an interactive online Interiors Design Magazine and shop where discerning interiors enthusiasts can buy from our curated collection of designer furniture, unique Home Accessories and Luxury Gifts that we have cherry picked from Top Designers across the globe. Our products are available to click & buy direct from our stunning editorial pages and delivered direct to your home.

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  • Multi-award winning service that is creating the world's most effective local advertising network
    • enables businesses to connect locally with customers
    • built around the world's only local voucher search application
  • Addresses a market need in local advertising by providing performance-based, transaction-oriented consumer advertising
  • Enables ROI-based advertising which delivers local businesses a means to increase footfall and yield management while giving consumers an easy way to save money and shop local
  • Continues to expand its broad distribution network for its vouchers
    • Partnership deals in place with Google Local, Ask Jeeves, Northern & Shell, The Independent, The Telegraph and others
    • Strategic partnership with largest provider of paper voucher services for mobile enablement
  • Enables mobile-format web micro-sites for global brands with focus on local store contact, offer and location data
  • Web-based platform, white label solution, iPhone app
Founder and CEO – Brad Liebmann
USP: Seamless integration of localised web content for on-the-go mobile interaction