slice the pie


help yourself to a piece of the music industry
slice the pie

  • Unique consumer powered music filter and free text search:
    music search and discovery
    • music commercial synch opportunities
    • promotion (web 2.0, radio play)
    • insight and analytics
    • fan financing
  • For the various stakeholders in its ecosystem, including: record labels, publishers, music distributors, radio and film broadcasters, social networks and portals, brands, advertisers, mobile players
  • B2B2C exchange driven by core search & analytics platform including database fed using 100% consumer crowd-sourced reviews and ratings combined with proprietary semantic technology to objectively filter, grade & classify music
  • Enables most relevant music (signed & unsigned) to be instantly located, evaluated, financed or used by commercial users

Founder and CEO – David Courtier-Dutton

USP: Audience-driven music filter and semantic search engine to enable commercial opportunity matching and analytics-driven monetisation