the future of web conferencing

  • The "salesforce.com of web conferencing“ – a SaaS based company enabling secure instant collaboration in real-time
  • Cross network instant messaging, real-time screen-sharing, collaboration & web conferencing, user presence awareness and remote support for enhanced enterprise application experience
  • Instant message one to one or in groups, even when people are on different networks
  • Only leader needs to download any software, all parties need only a web browser on laptop, PC or mobile
  • Cross network collaboration also enables existing voice infrastructure, regardless of the underlying technology being used by each party (SIP, VOIP, PSTN or conference services)
  • Delivers additional audit trail benefit by providing a record of communications made across IM, web collaboration, and voice when initiated through Yuuguu

  • Mobile Internet and Communications Applications

    Founder – Anish Kapoor

    USP: SaaS conferencing solution for real-time collaboration

    Exit: Powwownow acquired 70% for Yuuguu,  July 2010