Talent Placement

Content Manager – EntrepreneurCountry Global
EntrepreneurCountry Global, the global discovery platform, seeks an individual with an outstanding attitude, excellent work ethic, strong professionalism, ability to manage him/herself and self-starter to join the team with immediate effect as the Content Manager.

This is an extremely strategic role to work with the EntrepreneurCountry team in London, the Regional Partners across EMEA, our Corporate Partners, Ariadne Capital’s shareholders and clients to develop content which reflects the overall methodology of EntrepreneurCountry: Ecosystem Economics™ which has been written about in Welcome to EntrepreneurCountry, published by Little Brown in 2012. Interested candidates should purchase a copy of the book, and read it before the interview.

These articles explain more:


The Content Manager has the following primary responsibilities:

  • Manage a Forward Features Calendar for each global weekly digest which is published to approaching 200,000 ‘citizens’ of EntrepreneurCountry weekly; key ecosystems are Financial Services, Media/Retail/Advertising, Transportation/ Smart Cities / Energy, Health & Lifestyle, Education
  • Build a global community of contributors to the digest
  • Interview and write content him/herself
  • Build relationships with all stakeholders in EntrepreneurCountry seeking out great stories
  • Develop 4 case studies monthly of David & Goliath Dancing
  • Write up David & Goliath Must Dance Dinners into notes for attendees
  • Develop the content for the EC Forums, and the Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit
  • Manage and develop the social media for EntrepreneurCountry
  • Drive engagement for the global group of citizens and update a weekly KPI report
  • Help to run events and the event platform


Key Skills will include

  • Flawless English – written, verbal
  • Basic HTML editing
  • Knowledge on how to use a blogging CMS such as Joomla! or WordPress
  • Understanding of email marketing best practices
  • Strong editing skills
  • Strong social media communicative skills (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn especially)
  • Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics


Extra skills (not integral but beneficial)

  • Knowledge of Facebook insights
  • Knowledge of Tweetdeck
  • Experience with Mailchimp


Exceptional candidates will dress professionally, have a strong network of contacts, be willing to work whatever hours are necessary to build a great firm, and have an exceptional attitude and work ethic.

The compensation package is competitive, and benefits include private healthcare, broadband at home, and 5 weeks of holiday.

Interested? Send your CV to amit.pau@ariadnecapital.com as soon as possible.