Talent Placement

1. Taggstar, Ariadne Capital Portfolio Company - Operations Role (Consultant)
Ariadne Capital Corporate Finance Director

Taggstar, Ariadne Capital Portfolio Company
Operations Role (Consultant)

Administration of Software Applications
Provide expert hands on services during business hours to recommend and/or install, configure and maintain the various software applications required for the operation of Taggstar production and QA platforms.

Install, Configure and Maintain Automated Application Deployment Tools
  a. Recommend software tools for deployment of Java applications (e.g. Jenkins)
  b. Recommend when and if to deploy new container based technologies (e.g. docker)
  c. Install and configure and maintain software tools for deployment of Java applications to assist engineers and :
      i. Work with Taggstar engineers to determine requirements
      ii. Provide technical support for deployment tools
      iii. Implement configuration changes as required
  d. Ensure high availability of servers and software tools for deployment

Install, Configure and Maintain an Automated Monitoring and Alerting System
  a. Recommend and/or install, configure and maintain an automated monitoring and alerting system that may comprise one or more commercial services and/or open source software tools with features that must include (but not be limited to) :
      i. Monitoring of customer accessible service endpoints (by HTTP(S) request)
      ii. Automated generation of uptime and response time reporting
      iii. Generate SMS, Email, and Phone call incident alerts with a configurable escalation policy
      iv. Automatic generation of an incident ‘ticket’/’issue’ in a software application (e.g. Atlassian JIRA)

Install, Configure and Maintain Various Operations Applications
Recommend and/or install, configure and maintain :
  a. An incident recording application (e.g. Atlassian JIRA)
  b. A log file monitoring and analysis application (e.g. loggly.com, cloudtrail)
  c. An application level monitoring tool (e.g. newrelic.com)
  d. A configuration management tool for AWS EC2 servers (e.g. Chef)
  e. A VPN application with 2 factor authentication for Taggstar employees

Administration and Operation of Amazon Web Services
Provide expert hands on service for Amazon Web Services.
Installed, configure and maintain AWS services
Support taggstar engineering team and CTO to provide a highly reliable, available, and scalable platform by providing hands on expert services by providing installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance and operation of AWS services including (but not limited to) :
  a. Compute Services
      i. EC2 servers
      ii. EC2 Container Service
      iii. VPC
      iv. Auto scaling
  b. Storage and Content Delivery
      i. CloudFront
      ii. S3
      iii. Elastic Block Storage
  c. Networking
      i. Route53
      ii. Elastic Load Balancing
      iii. Virtual Private Cloud
  d. Administration and Security
      i. AWS IAM

Incident Monitoring and Alerting
  a. Respond to, investigate and resolve incidents reported by
      i. The automated monitoring and alerting system
      ii. Taggstar engineers or other Taggstar employees
      iii. Amazon Web Services support teams
  b. Co-ordinate with Taggstar engineers, customers and AWS support team where required to resolve incidents.
  c. Provide post-mortem documents to help process improvement

Implement the Taggstar Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  a. Implement the Taggstar ISMS with the scope being restricted to the production and QA platforms hosted by AWS.

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Ariadne Capital Corporate Finance Director Job Specification
Ariadne Capital is seeking to bring into the Leadership team an outstanding professional who has the following qualities, expertise, experience, and network:

Personal Qualities

  • Deal Closer and Great Relationship Person
  • Honesty, Integrity, Leadership, Courage, Ambition and Courage
  • Excellent Communications Skills & High Emotional Intelligence & Ability to Empathise with Founder-led Management Teams in High-Growth businesses
  • Team-player, Long-term vision, Organisational abilities
  • Hard-worker, conscientious, able to think of the opportunity at Ariadne as more than a job, but as a co-builder of an investment-banking franchise in which they can overtime become a partial owner

Sector Expertise
Ideally, the individual would have a background in either Fintech or Mediatech, but IT Services, SW, Telecoms would also be suitable expertise areas.

Ariadne is an organisation which has benefitted from its diverse team – different business schools, various cultural affiliations and nationalities, and a variety of blue-chip previous employers. We are looking for an individual who has a demonstrated track record of high-achievement throughout his/her career and has maintained a network well throughout his/her life.

Their English language skills must be as good as if they were a native speaker.

Skill Set
They will be able to lead corporate finance transactions without guidance, both sell-side & buy-side M&A as well a private placements <£10 m on up.

They will have a demonstrated ability advising Boards of Directors, putting together a monthly Research note with the help of the Analysts, and pitching extremely well for new business.

Ariadne Culture and Financial Performance
They will be expected to hit the ground running, and put in long hours to build up their piece of the business. Ariadne is not a 9 to 6 shop.

If interested, please send a CV to julie@ariadnecapital.com

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