Ecosystem Economics is set to become the dominant paradigm in Europe for innovation & growth


Almost everyone from European Corporate CEO’s to European venture capitalists believes that America always win, that the answer is in Palo Alto, and that Europe’s role is to be in service to the US, selling its best companies to them.


Ariadne Capital believes Europe can win big, that there is a system-level design to the building solutions that change new and exciting markets. The EU through funding programmes (Horizon 2020) to the European Investment Fund (who back first time funds in Europe) subsidises a market failure which further sinks Europe into a second class American citizen status.

What is needed is what Ariadne Capital has:

A decade-long investment and operational plan and intent to build ecosystems in Europe.

A solution to the problem of Creative Destruction which is not reliant on huge amounts of capital, bravado marketing and buying low and selling high.

A methodology that European enterprises can use to reinvent their industries.

A European model of success in the digital age which empowers individuals with a new asset class: their data, turning every EU citizen and resident into a data entrepreneur.

Ariadne Capital is building the conditions for Ecosystem Economics to become the dominant paradigm in Europe for successful innovation and growth by and for its established and emerging companies.

Ariadne Capital will focus on industries which are being transformed into ecosystems by virtue of the user-centric opportunities. For example, Property, Construction, Energy, Communications, Internet of Things (IOT) and DIY Retail are all in and of themselves industries. But by the emergence of smart phones and individuals’ desire and intent to have homes whereby they can live in new ways, these industries form a cross-industry ‘ecosystem’ – which is referred to here as the Smart Home. The following graphic shows the various ecosystems that Ariadne will help to build.

Ariadne’s founder, Julie Meyer, is the person whose leading the business to seize this market opportunity.

She has a unique set of business credentials, experience and company-building track-record:

INSEAD educated and sits on their Board of Directors and Finance & Administration Committee; INSEAD named Julie one of their top 50 alumni in 2011

Founder of First Tuesday which many believe ignited the internet generation in 1998, building a first generation cohesive internet market across Europe.

World Economic Forum Global Leader for Tomorrow 2001.

She pioneered the ‘Entrepreneurs Backing Entrepreneurs’ model for the financing of entrepreneurship in Europe in 2000; Ariadne Capital was the first investment firm and institution to have leading entrepreneurs as shareholders, thereby creating a virtuous circle of successful entrepreneurs backing the next generation of emerging entrepreneurs.

She has led £350 m of transactions across Europe into technology start-ups since 2000. She has backed 7 explosive growth companies since 2000 including Skype, Zopa, Espotting, Monitise, SpinVox, BeatThatQuote and SoundOut.

She has keynoted and spoken to the Board rooms of leading European firms on strategy, innovation, digital transformation and entrepreneurship. She wrote Welcome to EntrepreneurCountry which was published by Little Brown in 2012, and is the inventor of Ecosystem Economics™.

With German grandparents, an MBE from the Queen of England, 7 years residency in France, and 18 years in the UK, she is a European in spirit.

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