Our Funds

Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund (ACE I) 


  • ACE I, Ariadne’s first fund launched in 2012, has c.£7m AUM and has invested in 27 digital enabler companies with a c. 9x forecast multiple to cost of invested capital (“MOIC”) as the fund starts the harvesting period in 2016.
  • The fund has an unrealised MOIC of 1.1x.
  • The fund has a primary focus on late stage seed investments.


Ariadne Syndication Platform 


  • Ariadne syndicates investments for Family Offices, Asset Manager Firms and associated investors and has generated an average 3.1x uplift in value since 2010.
  • Companies include Series A and Growth Stage Digital Enablers


The Ecosystem Economics® Fund I


  • Ariadne Capital is launching its second venture fund, The Ecosystem Economics Fund (“The Fund”) which will leverage on Ariadne’s 15 years-track record backing leading early stage companies.
  • The Fund’s differentiated investment methodology consists of picking digital enablers which are organising the economics of our target ecosystems.
  • The Fund investment team consist of highly experienced entrepreneurs, investors and operators: