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Julie Meyer and Ariadne’s Journey


Ariadne Capital Group Limited Completes First Year’s Operations and Announces Financial Results


Ariadne Capital Group Limited Q&A
1) Has Ariadne gone into Bankruptcy?
No, people go bankrupt not companies which are either solvent or not. Ariadne Capital Group Limited (ACGL) announced its 2017 Financial Results which were healthy after only one year of operations with a pre-tax profit of €2.8m.

Ariadne Capital Limited, a corporate finance firm in London, UK, unrelated to ACGL was put into Administration by Julie Meyer, the secured creditor.

2) Who owns Ariadne / ACGL?
Ariadne’s majority shareholder is Julie Meyer, one of the UK’s best known and most well loved entrepreneurs but the company has founding shareholders who are some of the most important entrepreneurs in the world. It has created a management options pool of 25% for its team, not just the senior team, to participate in the wealth creation that the firm generates.

3) How will those shareholders make money?
Ariadne intends to go public in H1 with the €1bn AUM investment firm that brought Platforms into Venture Capital and was the first to scale.

4) Where is Ariadne/ ACGL based?
Ariadne has operated out of London, UK and also has an office in Malta.

5) Why has it had such negative press?
Ariadne has some disputes with former employees and suppliers which have not yet been resolved. We believe that we have acted properly in all situations and are disappointed in the reactions taken.

6) What does Ariadne do?
Ariadne/ ACGL backs entrepreneurs, specifically those who it believes have the ability to create massive positive market and social impact. It does this through a blend of investment vehicles and advisory services across the EU.

7) How many employees does Ariadne have?
Throughout the Ariadne Group/ ACGL, it has more than 20 core team members who are a blend of employees/ executives, full-time consultants and Senior Advisors across the EU.

8) Is Ariadne being investigated by any regulatory authority?
We are aware of ongoing investigations by the FCA and MFSA. We believe these to be unfounded and do not recognise their legitimacy.

9)Why have articles been published stating that Ariadne hasn’t paid bills?
The CEO has tried to get the truth about each matter which has been reported out to the media quoting sources and giving the proper proof points. It is disappointing that shoddy journalists have not in all cases facts have not been checked and the CEO’s comment has not been sought before defamatory and factually inaccurate statements have been written.

10) Why was Ariadne Capital Limited (ACL) in London put into Administration?
The CEO and founder Julie Meyer did not want to put the firm into Administration. It was always the intention of ACGL to acquire ACL as a going concern. However, she was forced into a situation due to the actions of a former employee who was threatening the firm with actions which could have led ACL to be put into compulsory liquidation, so as the secured creditor, she appointed the Administrator.


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