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14/03/2016 | Yahoo Finance
Ariadne Capital Announces Three New Senior Advisors

08/02/2016 | Yahoo Finance
Ariadne Capital Portfolio Company Taggstar partners with Jivox

02/02/2016 | Taggstar
Ariadne Portfolio Company Taggstar and Tealium Sign New Partnership Agreement

29/01/2016 | Yahoo Finance
EntrepreneurCountry Global Announces Citizenship Recognising Property Rights for Individual Data

25/01/2016 | Private Equity Wire
Ariadne Capital launches GBP150 million Ecosystem Economics

25/01/2016 | Business Review Europe
Investment fund launched for digital enablers

24/01/2016 | The Daily Telegraph
Ariadne Capital launches new fund to battle ‘subprime unicorn’ trend

10/12/2015 | iamwire
The Art of Entrepreneurship by Julie Meyer, CEO, Ariadne Capital

09/12/2015 | BFM
Welcome to Entrepreneur Country

08/12/2015 | CoinDesk
Bitcoin Startup BitX Extends Series A With Undisclosed Funding

27/10/2015 | The Coalition for a Digital Economy
Digital Entrepreneurs Write To PM On Skilled Immigration

26/10/2015 | Computing
Abuse consumers’ personal data and your business will be destroyed, says Ariadne Capital MD Amit Pau

27/09/2015 | The Scotsman
Money Dashboard enjoys rise in mobile app users

23/09/2015 | Bazaar
Work it Out: Julie Meyer

02/09/2015 | Red Herring
Julie Meyer: this is the era of design, not disruption

01/09/2015 | Bloomberg
Big Tech Ideas for the Future

22/08/2015 | Forbes
‘Don’t Chase The Money’: Startup Advice From One Of Europe’s Most Influential Women And VCs

01/06/2015 | The Daily Telegraph
Entrepreneur Julie Meyer: ‘Business is becoming more feminine’

13/04/2015 | Bloomberg
Miliband Is Misguided With His Economic Plan: Meyer

31/03/2015 | Forbes
The European Venture Capital Industry Is Really Just Making Money For America

17/03/2015 | The Financial Times
The whoosh of start-up value going from Europe to Palo Alto

02/03/2015 | Professional Wealth Management
Onboarding less painful thanks to digital drive

03/02/2015 | Bloomberg
Tech Giants vs. Startups: Enemies or Partners?

27/01/2015 | FSTech
Ariadne Capital invests in Money Dashboard

08/01/2015 | Retail Week
Sir Stuart Rose-backed Taggstar raises funding from VC firm Ariadne Capital

07/01/2015 | Elite Business
The move from entrepreneur to investor needn’t be fraught with risks

04/12/2014 |
Making it as a woman in venture

10/11/2014 |
Dot-com veteran Julie Meyer’s Ariadne Capital backs local TV broadcaster Made Television

31/10/2014 | Hospodarke Noviny (Czech Republic)
Bringing together startups and corporations

14/10/2014 | Puls Biznesu (Poland)
Startups can help corporations

07/10/2014 | Forbes (Poland)
Why Poland Matters

26/09/2014 | Brummell Magazine
Brummell Magazine’s 30 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs 2014

18/07/2014 | Bobs Guide
EntrepreneurCountry Global expands into Nigeria to help develop digital entrepreneurship

17/07/2014 | Business Day Nigeria
EntrepreneurCountry Global plans to fill funding gap in tech start-up scene

09/07/2014 | The Financial Times
Julie Meyer: Profit does not have to be a dastardly enterprise

07/07/2014 | Forbes – My Say blog
Julie Meyer: Surprise: Entrepreneurs Are Redefining Europe

01/07/2014 | Driven by ideas
The European

11/06/2014 | Financial News
Barclays CEO urges innovation in tech revolution

05/06/2014 | The Financial Times
Innovators run into regulatory hurdles

27/05/2014 | The Huffington Post Blog
Linear TV Is Dead; Long-Live Linear TV

19/05/2014 | The Huffington Post Blog
Julie Meyer: What Thomas Piketty Doesn’t Get

09/05/2014 |
Julie Meyer: Tech firms could take over ‘every industry’

09/05/2014 |
Julie Meyer: a Dragon’s take on successful tech investment

14/05/2014 | The Irish Times
Entrepreneur claims loopholes are making mockery of tax laws

22/04/2014 | The Daily Telegraph
New tech growth will come from ‘unsexy’ enablers

22/04/2014 | The Daily Telegraph
How strong are the UK’s tech and startup industries?

22/04/2014 | Bloomberg
New Tech Growth is From Enablers, Disrupters: Meyer

20/04/2014 | The Financial Times
Tech giants pose threat to fund houses

06/04/2014 | The Financial Times
Davids should work with Goliaths

03/04/2014 | Banking Technology
Banking Goliaths must learn to dance with “Digital Davids”

17/03/2014 | Siliconbeat
Elevator Pitch: Julie Meyer of Ariadne Capital on how to crush it in Europe

10/03/2014 | Growth Business
Julie Meyer-backed Quill signs up Smedvig Capital as new investor

05/03/2014 | Bandwidth Blog
EntrepreneurCountry Global: Global Tech Discovery Platform launches in South Africa

05/03/2014 | Venture Burn
SA gets ready to become an EntrepreneurCountry Global

04/03/2014 | Silicon Cape
Global Tech Discovery Platform launches in South Africa

24/02/2014 | Bloomberg TV
Julie Meyer, Chairman and CEO at Ariadne Capital, discusses funding tech entrepreneurship. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

05/12/2013 | The Huffington Post
Julie Meyer and EntrepreneurCountry Global: A Breakthrough in Big Picture Business, Economics and General Systems Thinking

28/09/2013 | Telegraph
Dot-com veteran Julie Meyer sets her sights on the world

22/01/2013 | Business Magazine
EntrepreneurCountry Global Forum event unveiled

13/10/2012 | The Daily Telegraph
The UK is best placed to grab a tech dividend

22/08/2012 | The Spectator
The world belongs to small businesses. Why are we stifling them?

30/06/2012 | Telegraph Online
Entrepreneurs can lead Britain out of recession, says Julie Meyer

14/06/2012 | Management Today
Julie Meyer: ‘Entrepreneurs backing entrepreneurs: it’s the future!’

01/08/2009 | The Independent
Julie Meyer: A day in EntrepreneurCountry Global

17/02/2009 | Oracle
Sun Microsystems, Cloud Computing and the premier European VC event ‘EntrepreneurCountry Global’

07 June 2012 | London Loves Business
Riding the entrepreneur train with Julie Meyer, founder of Ariadne Capital

13/11/2012 | Johnny Lyle
Julie Meyer – Welcome to Entrepreneur Country Book

26/06/2013 | Mixing Digital
Dinner with Julie Meyer in EntrepreneurCountry Global!

27/05/2013 |
Quill inks a $1.5M deal for marketing content creation

27/05/2013 | Global Corporate Venturing
Power Brokers 3rd Annual Symposium, Julie Meyer – Ariadne Capital

23/05/2013 | Reuters on the Road – Ariadne Helps Navigate Start-up Maze

23/05/2013 | USAToday
Proposal pitches drone deliveries to hard-to-travel areas – Matternet

05/05/2013 | New York Times
Being Nice Is Not a Sign of Weakness

04/05/2013 | Telegraph
Why embracing change means we can all thrive

28/02/2012 | economia
In a digital age the network is king

19/02/2013 | Independent
Julie Meyer: Now is the time for the UK to rediscover its exporting mindset

08/02/2013 | Megabyte
Is London the hottest place in the world to be a start-up?

05/02/2013 –
Corporate venture giants need to “turn on the taxi light”

27/07/2012 | economia
The era of ecosystem economics

06/07/2012 | Growth BusinessMeyer’s new seed fund to help entrepreneurs ‘in the hot kitchen

12/07/2012 | Financial Times
A bluffer’s guide to starting a business

30/06/2012 | Telegraph
Entrepreneurs can lead Britain out of recession, says Julie Meyer

16/06/2012 | Financial Times
Taking on the Goliaths in business

11/06/2012 | CityAM
Get out of the way: Small firms must be allowed to return UK to growth – by Julie Meyer

05/06/2012 | The Sunday Time
Holiday lettings by invitation only

07/05/2012 | Financial Times
Venture Capital – a European Story – by Julie Meyer

02/05/2012 – – Google adds credit card and banking comparison tool – Ariadne’s portfolio company ‘Beat That Quote’ enables Google’s new offering

18/03/2012 | Ariadne Capital Advises Simply Zesty on Its Acquisition by UTV Media PLC * (Ariadne’s 5th M&A Transaction in 18 Months)

15/07/2011 | BBC News
Is this a new tech bubble?

30/05/2011 | WIRED Magazine
Julie Meyer featured in Wired’s 100 most influential individuals in the UK

16/05/2011 |
Shoppers count their pennies as retailers struggle

25/03/2011 |
UK Budget – is it a game changer for business?

06/04/2011 |
Julie Meyer: An entrepreneur’s will to succeed

15/02/2011 | VIDEO:
Why entrepreneurship is so important

08/08/2010 | Sunday Telegraph
Individual capitalism is the way of the new world

02/08/2010 | Daily Telegraph
“Fatigued” business angels feel the funding strain

11/05/2010 | Private Equity Wire
Ariadne Capital announces five deals in six months

07/05/2010 |
Funding boost for fast-growth start-ups

04/05/2010 | Financial News
Business angels fly to aid of start-ups

26/04/2010 |
Small Business Election Special: Champions who push for change

25/03/2010 | Reuters
Budget not as generous as it seems

20/03/2010 | Telegraph
Have business networking sites finally come of age?

22/03/2010 | The Scotsman
Barclays takes small step for new firms

10/03/2010 | CNBC
10 Years Since Dot Com Bubble Burst

20/02/2010 |
The comfort of strangers

15/01/2010 |
Entrepreneurs call for reduced government

15/01/2010 | Fresh Business Thinking
Britain’s Entrepreneurs Call On Next Government To Cut Bureaucracy And Be More Accountable To Wealth-Creators

14/01/2010 |
Slicethepie scores first signing: Fan-financed band win major label record deal

14/01/2010 |
Slicethepie Act Scores Major Label Deal

14/01/2010 | Techdigest
Band financed through social-network pals at land major label deal

14/01/2010 | Real Business
Entrepreneurs and the “post-bureaucratic age”

13/01/2010 |
Fan-Funded Act Signs To Atlantic/Chop Shop

13/01/2010 | The Daily Swarm
A First for Grassroots A&R? Funded by Fans Via Slicethepie, Scars On 45 Sign to Atlantic…

15/12/2009 | Guardian launches social events planner

14/12/2009 | Mobile Marketing
iome Powers Independent Event-planning Tool

12/12/2009 | Time
London Shopping Stressful? Try Virtual Oxford Street

25/11/2009 | BrandRepublic
The Independent launches online voucher search service

23/11/2009 | Indie Eagle Eye
Julie Meyer: What the UK can learn from the US attitude towards entrepreneurialism

19/11/2009 | Digital Arts Online
Have your say in the future of the UK’s creative industries

19/11/2009 | Marketing Week
Where’s the real power? Google versus Murdoch

19/11/2009 |
Julie Meyer’s Steps to a Successful Career

18/11/2009 |
Opportunity knocks in a slump

17/11/2009 | Growth Business
The UK Economy in 2010

12/11/2009 | Real Business
The great debate: Google vs Murdoch

10/11/2009 –Real Business
Remember who you are, Lord Sugar!

05/11/2009 | Fresh Business Thinking
Alan Sugar May Have Forgotten The Lessons Of His Early Years As An Entrepreneur

02/11/2009 –Fresh Business Thinking
Show Me The Money

01/11/2009 | Ariadne Capital
Backing winners all the way

26/10/2009 |
Britain’s top Avon lady is ringing up a salary of a cool £250,000

26/10/2009 | Avon
Julie Meyer’s tips on how Avon can fit in to your life

23/10/2009 | Growing Business
Media firm enriched with £2.1m investment

23/10/2009 |
London-Based Enrich Social Productions Raises £2.1M from Syndicate of Leading Entrepreneurs

22/10/2009 | Fresh Business Thinking
Ariadne Capital Syndicates £2.1Million Funding For Multi-Platform Content Innovators Enrich Social Productions

22/10/2009 | Growing Business
Julie Meyer’s firm secures funding for ESP

07/10/2009 | ITDirector (UKPRWire)
Interactive voice expert Qire to help NHS save millions

06/10/2009 | Music Week
Slicethepie signs merch deal

23/09/2009 | New Business
Julie Meyer: ‘My business advice’

11/09/2009 – Ariadne Capital
“Dragons’ Den” Judge Julie Meyer Makes Her Pitch

07/09/2009 | BView
Discount web vouchers prove big hit

07/09/2009 | Ariadne Capital
Julie Meyer launches £20m fund

07/09/2009 | Ariadne Capital
Ariadne Capital finally puts skin in the game with a £20m fund

07/07/2009 | City A.M.
Ariadne gets backing for VC fund

07/09/2009 | Ariadne Capital
Backing for Julie Meyer’s VC fund

06/09/2009 | Ariadne Capital
Dragon Meyer’s £20m fund

06/09/2009 | Ariadne Capital
Julie Meyer Launching £20 Million Tech Startup Fund

18/08/2009 | Zopa
Don’t just howl with rage. Try an idea that does away with banks altogether

10/08/2009 | Qire
Target Loan Servicing Increases Collection Rates and Boosts Productivity with Interactive Voice Messaging from Qire

02/08/2009 | SpinVox
The Andrew Davidson interview: Christina Domecq of Spinvox

21/07/2009 | Ariadne Capital
M&A with Venture Capitalists is the New R&D: CEO

12/07/2009 | WorldFriends
Enter the dragon: Meyer gives helping hand to WorldFriends

02/07/2009 | SpinVox
Interview: Daniel Doulton, Co-Founder, Spinvox: Carrier Plans May Need Further Funding

01/07/2009 | Ariadne Capital
Julie Meyer: A day in EntrepreneurCountry Global

25/06/2009 | City A.M.
Glamorous dragon has sights on TV Den

24/06/2009 | NearGlobal
UK start-ups out to prove virtual worlds are back in fashion

23/06/2009 | NearGlobal
Ariadne Capital finally backs virtual realities

14/06/2009 | Ariadne Capital
Fame and Fortune: Julie Meyer

11/06/2009 | Ariadne Capital
The dragon’s golden rule

15/05/2009 | SpinVox
A sound start for speech tech

07/05/2009 | SpinVox
New iPhone app enables users to speak their emails

02/05/2009 | Monitise
Is mobile banking safe?

24/04/2009 | NearGlobal
Virtual worlds and web ‘merging’

13/04/2009 | Momail
Interview With Honour Pearson Of MoMail

12/04/2009 | Ecademy
Networking site Ecademy looks for new owner

07/04/2009 | SpinVox
SpinVox Huddles Up with IBM to Tackle Enterprise UC

05/04/2009 | Ariadne Capital
Interview: Julie Meyer, CEO, Ariadne Capital: The Dragon Roars Again

20/03/2009 | Monitise
Carphone Warehouse and Monitise form partnership

16/03/2009 | Ariadne Capital
Ariadne’s Julie Meyer Becomes Dragon For New Online-Only Den

15/03/2009 | BView
How to save £500 – the Sunday Mirror’s guide to money-off coupons

11/03/2009 | Momail
Momail simplifies Facebook on the go

09/03/2009 | BView
  Britons go coupon crazy as credit crunch bites

05/03/2009 | SpinVox
SpinVox, Skype announce availability of voicemail to text conversion service

14/02/2009 | SpinVox
What IT means to me: ‘Customers will pay more for simplicity’

15/01/2009 | EntrepreneurCountry Global
Business leaders issue call to entrepreneurs

12/01/2009 | Slicethepie
Slicethepie Goes Beyond American Idol, Might Save Labels

08/01/2009 | Ariadne Capital
Focused tech firms will survive any downturn

15/01/2007 |
A Novel Approach to Ensure Europe Prospers

15/01/2007 |
Ask The Expert


Ariadne Capital Announces £150 million Ecosystem Economics™ Fund

8×8 Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire UK-Based DXI To Increase European Footprint and Expand Cloud Contact Center Portfolio

Ariadne Capital backs Taggstar

Should The Government Be Disrupted?

The Lesson to Learn from Alibaba is not what you think it is

Why I Backed a Bitcoin Start-Up

The Fight Back Strategy for the Rest of the World Who Are Not Us Tech Platforms or Digital Disruptors

Elevator Pitch: Julie Meyer Of Ariadne Capital On How To Crush It In Europe

Start-up champion Julie Meyer talks matchmaking David and Goliath,
respecting the ego and coping with explosive growth

Ariadne Capital Advises on More Than £50 million of Investment
into European High-Growth Digital Enablers during 2013

EQUINITI – Don’t Go West, Go To EntrepreneurCountry Global

Ariadne Capital introduces entrepreneur capital fund

EntrepreneurCountry Global announces backing from 11 partners to fuel business growth in UK

Ariadne backs next-generation of virtual worlds



12 November 2014
Tesco Caught Out by Digital Change

06 October 2014
‘Not a Buyer of Rocket Internet Shares,’ Says Meyer

22 April 2014
New Tech Growth Is From Enablers, Disruptors

22 April 2014
How Strong Are U.K.’s Tech and Startup Industries?

24 February 2014
EU Entrepreneur Funding Not World Class

TED X Academy in Athens
EIE 14 Scotland Keynote
Tech Open Air Berlin


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