The Facts

Ariadne Capital and Julie Meyer have been attacked by individuals who are using illegal and criminal means to try to damage the firm and her. These are motivated by jealousy and misogyny. These individuals have been reported to the UK and Malta police who are investigating these individuals.

Many false statements are being made, and below you will find the facts:

1. Ariadne Capital Limited and Ariadne Capital Malta Limited are no longer regulated. In both situations, the firm proactively relinguished its license. They were not revoked. The official FCA website indicates correctly that we are no longer authorized which is a factually correct statement:

2. Ariadne Capital Group Limited (ACGL) is the holding company and group HQ. Ariadne Capital Limited (ACL), now in Administration, was never a part of ACGL. It was a corporate finance business run by Amit Pau, its former Managing Director.

3. ACL was put into Administration by Julie Meyer, its founder, who is the Secured Creditor. This was her choice, not done to her. However, she took this decision when Amit Pau declined an open offer of payment to settle their disputed situation – a payment which she did not believe she owed him, but which she offered nonetheless, to keep ACL a going concern. When Amit Pau declined this offer to be paid and to settle, she took the step to put the firm into Administration.

4. ACGL has EUROS 5.2 m of Net Assets.

5. Neither Julie Meyer, nor any of the ACGL companies are in distress or bankrupt.

6. Julie Meyer continues to run the Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund (ACE Fund) as its Managing Partner.