Ariadne Capital Campaigns

The Campaigns business drives the other businesses on the platform. By being an ideas-based investment firm with an Investment Strategy and Campaigns which are delivered through social media and events, we are able to secure a leadership position in the market.

Ariadne aggregates the right group of people together in an on-going campaign with periodic events and clear messaging and positioning.

There are five formats to the Ariadne Campaigns business:

  • Follow The Entrepreneur
  • Build the Country Challenges
  • David & Goliath Must Dance
  • Ecosystem Economics®
  • Build Your Personal Economy

The annual Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit (FTE) hosted in Malta from 9 – 11 July 2017 with a full Pre-Summit week of activities was very successful:

There are five formats to the Ariadne Campaigns business:

  • 470 registered investors of which 350 attended, 75% flew in, from 30 nationalities
  • 51,000 hits to the live stream of the event
  • 15,000 hits to the website

The Build a Country Challenges as well as the pan-European David and Goliath Must Dance Lunch & Dinner Series are centred around an Ecosystem where Ariadne sources new investment opportunities, learns about the requirements of the Goliaths in them, and forges new partnerships.
The Ariadne Capital Campaigns business unit is run as a P&L but has internal clients in other business units of the Ariadne Capital Group and Network of Companies.
It is the internal events and digital marketing organisation for ACGL & EntrepreneurCountry. In that respect, it is a layer to the ECO2 Investment Platform – organising all events that the ECO2 Investment Platform requires – which are the above five formats at this time.