ECO2 Investment Platform

Ariadne is launching its ECO2 Investment Platform on the 15th of September 2017 with a first close of €250m AUM with 5 Portfolio Managers on-boarded representing different ecosystems/sectors, regions of the EU and stages of investment from seed to Series B.

Ariadne will utilise its extensive network and experience to deliver superior returns to investors, superior to those that could be expected from a diversified portfolio of public equities and/or fixed income products. Ariadne will identify relevant Digital Enabler investment opportunities for the Fund that satisfy the Ecosystem Economics Investment Strategy.

It is very much the intention and the view of management that we are ‘baking’ the operational model for the multi-manager platform through the next year. Market response is expected to be strong, and additional Investment Platforms in specific regions, sectors or stages may be launched before 2020.